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Maximizing Space: Creative Interior Renovation Ideas For Small Homes

Creative Space Saver Interior Renovation Ideas For Small Homes

Creating a comfortable and useful living space in a cramped home can be hard. But with the right interior renovation ideas, you can make the most of your area and make it look bigger and cozier. Messina Builders is one of the best interior remodeling contractors. We have been in business for years and can help you turn your small, cramped home into a beautiful, comfortable place to live.

If you want to make the most of your space or make it seem bigger, you don’t need to look any further. Our staff is ready to help you. We’ll show you some of our favorite ways to make the most of your small house. Call us at (630) 894-5512, and get a quote. Let us give you the best ideas for your home.

15 Creative Interior Renovation Ideas For Small Homes

When making changes, living in a small house can be hard. With creativity and imagination, you can turn your small space into a stylish and useful living area. Here are 15 creative interior remodeling ideas for small homes.

1. Remove Walls

When you tear down an interior wall, you can make your home bigger without moving furniture or buying new appliances. Take down the exterior walls to make all the rooms in your house into one big room instead of a bunch of smaller ones.

2. Install Mirror

Mirrors not only give the impression of more space, but they also help bring light to dark corners of a room. It is also a great way to make a small house feel bigger. Consider putting up mirrors in your home to make a small room look bigger.

3. Install Built-In Shelving

It can be a great way to get more storage capacity without putting big furniture on the floor. They will look nice if you paint them the same shade as your walls or cabinets. Put them near windows so natural light can come in if you can.

4. Put A Rug

A rug is one of the easiest ways to make a room look bigger. They add warmth, color, and texture to a room and break up a large area. Also, if you decide to change things up in the future, they are easy to move.

5. Paint Your Cabinets

If you change the color of your cabinets, the room will look bigger. If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are white or lighter, you might want to paint them darker. You could also paint them neutral, like gray or beige, to match the walls and give the impression of more room between them and the floor or ceiling.

6. Utilize Nooks And Crannies

Most people don’t pay attention to the spaces between walls, but they can be used for extra storage or to put a few plants or bookshelves. If the area is big enough, you can walk through them to get from one room to another.

7. Create A Loft

It works well in cramped homes because it makes them feel bigger and more open. It’s also a great way to make your home more interesting. You could turn your attic into a loft by adding a dormer window and a skylight.

two tone transitional staircase
Small House Interior Design

8. Install Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are great for making small spaces feel bigger. They allow you to use every inch of area available, unlike traditional swinging doors, which take up extra room when opened. Also, since they open inward, they don’t take up any space when closed. It will make them perfect for tiny kitchens and bathrooms, where extra storage is often at a premium.

9. Create A Gallery Wall

Trying to fill a small room with art can make the room seem even smaller. Instead of hanging each piece on the wall, make a gallery wall at the same height. It can make your home look like it has more space and draw the eye to one spot instead of many.

10. Hang Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a great way to make your bedroom or living room look fancier. But what if your house is small? You must consider how much light you need when working in a limited space. In a cramped room, one wall sconce may be enough, but if you need more light, put more than one in the same area.

11. Add A Skylight

 Skylights are a great way to let natural light into any room, including the kitchen and bathroom. They let in a lot of natural light without taking up much space. It makes them one of the most cost-effective ways to bring light into your home.

12. Incorporate Greenery

Adding plants to a room is one of the easiest things to make it look bigger. You can do this by adding indoor plants or putting up a green wall in your kitchen or bathroom.

13. Use Wallpaper

Try putting beautiful wallpaper on one of your empty or plain walls. Use the same theme throughout the room to tie everything together. It works well in a small bathroom or kitchen with a feature wall.

14. Paint The Walls In Light Colors

Lighter shades can help make a room look bigger and more open. Use shades of white, pale blue, light yellow, and other pastel colors to make the walls brighter and the room bigger.

15. Create A Built-In Window Seat

Adding built-in storage is one of the best ways to make a cramped room look bigger. A window seat is a great way to add style and storage to your home. You can sit on them or put things in the built-in window seats.

There are many creative ways to make a small house look bigger and more useful. You can change your living space into one that is stylish and comfortable. So, use your imagination and have fun coming up with ideas for remodeling the inside of your home.

Ways How To Make More Space In Small Homes

Living in a small house can be hard if you don’t have much space. But there are many ways to make the most of your space while making your home comfortable and well-organized. Here are ways to make more space in small homes:

small office with black built in shelves
Save Spaces For Small Homes

• Decluttering

It is the first step in getting rid of stuff. The more things you have taking up space, the less room you will have for other things. Decluttering doesn’t mean getting rid of everything you own. Instead, it means eliminating things that don’t improve your life.

• Use Vertical Space

Using vertical space is the best way to make a small home feel bigger. You can do this by putting shelves over your bed, getting a loft bed, or putting up bookshelves in the corner of a room.

• Hang Curtains High

The curtain makes it look like there is more space the higher it is. Hang your curtains at least two or three feet above the window frame to make your small home feel more open and bigger.

• Invest In Storage Containers

You can eliminate clutter by putting things in big boxes and stacking them on top of each other. This will greatly affect your space on shelves and in closets. You can keep small things in clear containers so they are easy to see and get to.

• Keep It Tidy

Keep your small home as clean as possible. Ensure everything has a place and is well-organized so you don’t feel even smaller.

• Use Multi-Functional Furniture

A simple way to add storage space is to use furniture that can be used for more than one thing. Use a dresser with built-in drawers or cabinets for clothes and linens instead of two separate dressers. To make it more useful, you can add shelves to old furniture, like an entertainment center or bookcase.

- Storage Ottomans

An ottoman is a piece of furniture that can be used in many different ways. People sometimes use them as coffee or end tables, but they are also great for storing things like blankets and pillows.

- Under-Bed Storage

One of the best ways to save space in a small house is to store things under the bed. Under-bed storage comes in many forms, such as drawers, boxes, and racks for shoes or clothes. These are easy to put together and have great storage space and looks.

- Invest In A Murphy Bed

One of the oldest ways to make the most of your space is with a Murphy bed. During the day, you can fold these beds against the wall during the day and put them away. At night, you can sleep on them. Before, they only came with metal frames and beds made of canvas. You can get them with wood or metal frames and memory foam mattresses.

To make the most of the space in a small home, you need to be creative and use it well. There are many ways to make the most of a small living area. You can make a living room that is both useful and stylish and feels open and inviting. With some work and planning, you can turn your small space into a cozy and comfortable home.

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  • Choose neutral colors.  
  • Choose alternative kitchen accessories.  
  • Make your walls glow.  
  • Make the best use of your storage space.  
  • Consider that less is more.  
  • Use the space beneath the stairs.  
  • Take things all the way to the top. 
  • Lower your furniture, not your standards.
  • Add extra storage to a kitchen with a storage rail.  
  • Create a cozy loft.
  • Leave space under the sink or increase bathroom storage. 
  • Give every nook a purpose.
  • Take gallery walls all the way up.
  • Add storage in unexpected places. 

Plan the layout first, then select furniture wisely.  Less, but larger. Bring in some light to the area in between. Flexibility is essential. Color tips and tonal hints. Art display and object organization. Look up and make use of the entire height of a space. 

Designers share their tips on how to successfully style a small house. Make a color thread plan. Make a statement with eye-catching furniture.  Be daring with your wallpaper.  Soft textures should be used.  Lanterns can be used as accent lighting—colorful cocoons. Make a slimline headboard. Select a floor mirror. 

  • Select a Focal Point.
  • Consider Traffic Flow.
  • Measure Before Moving (and Buying).
  • Place tables for ease of use and comfort.  
  • Avoid pushing furniture against walls. 
  • Experiment with angles. 
  • Avoid blocking windows and doors.
  • Accept all things monochrome.  
  • Make use of mirrors.
  • Choose your furniture carefully.  
  • Make large areas of floor space.
  • Make good use of curtains and drapes.  
  • Reduce the brightness of the lights. 
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