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Boost Your Curb Appeal: Transforming Your Home’s Exterior

Achieve A Beautiful Home By Transforming Your Home’s Exterior

First impressions can last for a long time. When people see your home, what is the first thing they say? Exterior home renovations are vital in maintaining your own home. You need to ensure it is all well so we do not leave any bad impression. Whether it is for the guests, future buyers, or passersby, secure that style. Messina Builders can be your go-to company for your home exterior needs. Start enhancing the look of your front yard with our team’s help. Get a quote on our services or call us at (630) 894-5512. Let our team deliver a great service for your home today. If you need exterior renovations soon, do not think twice. Contact Messina Builders today!

12 Tips You Need To Follow Transforming Your Home’s Exterior

If you want your home to be outstanding, you need to do something about it. Reveal its character by working on your home exterior makeover. Get that many good first impressions. Follow these curb appeal tips and let your home shine as it has never before!

1. Paint Your Front Door With A Bold Color

Do not worry because you do not have to spend big on following this tip! Repainting your front door is an easy task. If you are going for a conservative approach, choose a historical color. A color that usually matches the area or neighborhood. A common color you would see is almost-back Charleston green. Sometimes, it’s the soft coastal blue for minimalist white homes. But, if you want to try out something new, choose a bold color. Going bold is having fun. 

2. Plant Your Pots With Different Colors

Have some planters’ accessories in your front yard and change them as the season goes on. If you have a few steps that lead to your front door, consider adding a pair of topiaries. You can also put a couple of pots out there. Try to put some topiary boxwoods or evergreens as your year-round fillers. You can also go for some blooming annuals. If you have a redbrick house, make sure to pick simple contrasting shades. Avoid overdoing it. You do not want pink blooms right next to your red brick house. It wouldn’t flatter that much. 

Purple and blue are able to stand out on a white clapboard house. You can never go wrong with green as well. Remember to pick colors that would compliment the look of your home. When choosing plants, pick with one to two hues only. It could be white and green for a good contrast to your current home’s exterior. 

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Boost Curb Appeal

3. Get A Fence

Even without a classic cottage on your lawn, create a warm and friendly vibe with a fence. Not only are you adding curb appeal to your home, but you also give yourself more privacy. A little barrier can go a long way. It creates a unique statement for your home. A picket fence is the way to go. It is a common choice, yet it creates an inviting atmosphere. 

A fence can look like an arm extending around your house to welcome you. Get a wooden fence with simple diagonal cuts if you have a bungalow or Craftsman-style home. You can also try investing in a wrought iron fence to create more statement for your house. Remember to keep it low. It should not be taller than 32 inches. You do not want your house to look like a prison. 

4. Spray Away The Dirt

Do some pressure washing to clean your front yard. It is quick, cheap, and satisfying. It is a simple task that has a huge payoff. Pressure washers are usually available in local home-improvement stores near you. Try asking your contractor as well if they can do it for you.

5. Flaunt Your Own Home

One of the common mistakes that homeowners make is having too many plants in their front yard. Always remember not to overdo it.  Let the architectural style of your home shine. Give it a good highlight so that people will notice the uniqueness of your home. Let the foundation show the beauty of home’s exterior, as this will give enough home presence. 

An overgrown landscape can make your home look messy. When you are in doubt, you can go for boxwoods. Fill in your lawn with grass or a low ground cover that is not more than 6 inches tall. Make sure it runs right up to the foundation.

6. Add Some Window Boxes

Window boxes are like puppies. They are high maintenance, but they are cute. Window boxes are said to be high maintenance as they need daily watering. So when buying one, make sure to put it somewhere you can reach them. Your window boxes should be at least 12 inches deep so that your plants have enough room for roots and growth. Ensuring this will make adequate drainage. For ivies, you can use dwarf boxwoods. You can also add pansies during the winter.

7. Build A Pretty Pathway

Aside from building a fence, a slightly curved pathway can give more life to your home’s exterior. It adds quirkiness that gives more character to your home. Your home outstands because of its uniqueness. If rerouting is not possible, pick materials with some age. You can use some reclaimed brick pavers or a well-worn stone. Add a little bit of mystery to your own front yard. Let the people be curious as they find themselves going near your place. Even simple concrete can be your material to use if you are going for an old and vintage vibe in your pathway. 

a two storey home in Illinois
Transform Your Home’s Exterior

8. Growing Good Vines

If you want that storybook feels on your front lawn, why not grow some good vines? Make sure not to turn them into brown and overgrown. Otherwise, your house may look like a haunted mansion. You are not creating an inviting space with those anymore. Climbing roses can be heavy work. 

Climbing hydrangea and Jackson Vine are good alternatives to boost your home’s curb appeal. Jackson Vine usually thrives in Alabama and Georgia. You can also include star jasmine in your list because of the delightful scent it gives and how it blooms nicely. But they only grow in the Deep South.

9. A Big Dramatic Swing

Put a huge swing over there with a bed swimming. This style is rare in most home exteriors and is not easy to find either. But, putting swings can make good impressions on people. Your home can seem neighborly, and there are fun people living in there. People would see more than a wide and comfortable pillow. Your home exterior does not depend on the style alone. It should be inviting. Using some old wrought iron gliders and wooden rockers can do some magic.

10. Using The Right Accessories

An attractive mailbox can go a long way. It is one of the first things people notice. Make sure that your mailbox matches the style of what your neighbors have. It creates a unified look in the area. Discard the college flag if you are planning to put your home up for sale soon. Your potential buyers can be from your rival alma mater. Who knows?

11. Focusing On The Windows

If there is an issue on your windows, make sure to resolve it before listing it. It can be a turn-off for most buyers if your window needs an obvious replacement. Windows serve as a great connection between homeowners and the environment. It can also create a connection with your neighbors and other people passing by. Natural light is crucial in every home. If you have chipped window frames or dirty glass at home, it won’t look nice. 

Aside from the actual window, shutters are a good idea too. It gives more personality to your home and allows it to shine. Add a pop of color to it to create a more visual aesthetic.

Designing for your home can be a very crucial task. There are tasks that you cannot do all on your own. This is what Messina Builders are here for. Let us be your helping hand as we give life to your home exterior. Enhance the curb appeal of your home in a hassle-free way. Get a quote on the services we offer by calling us at (630) 894-5512. Turn your house into a home that everyone would love with exterior remodeling contractors like Messina Builders’ work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Adding fresh greenery and flowers is one of the most obvious (and impactful) ways to improve curb appeal.  Maintain your lawn.  Make your front door stand out.  Let there be light. Accept symmetry.  Makeover your mailbox. Clear out your gutters.  Add some front door decor. 

  • Inspect the roof. 
  • Power wash the exterior. 
  • Paint the front door. 
  • Repair rotting wood. 
  • Improve exterior lighting. 
  • Replace hardware. 
  • Refresh landscaping. 
  • Touch up paint.

The curb appeal establishes expectations. Prospective buyers are more likely to look inside if they like what they see on the outside. When it comes to selling a home, first impressions matter.

Your home’s exterior protects its structure and safety. It is critical to inspect the exterior on a regular basis and to make repairs as needed.

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