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Transform Your Exterior: The Benefits Of Professional Renovation

Transform Your Exterior With Professional Renovation

It’s a fact of life that your exterior suffers as you get older. And not just from the elements but also from years of neglect. You can always learn to live with it—or get professional help. With Messina Builders, professional home remodeling can be as easy on your wallet as on your heart. Call us at (630) 894-5512 or visit our page to get a free estimate!

Top 8 Benefits Of Exterior Professional Renovation

There are many good reasons to hire a professional exterior renovator. They can improve how the property looks and works. Here are some of the best reasons:

1. Increased Curb Appeal

If you make the outside of your house look nicer, it will be worth more money. People will want to live there. You can do this by getting new siding, windows, and doors. You might also update the landscaping, lighting, and other things outside the house.

2. Improved Energy Efficiency

Many older homes and buildings use more energy than they need to. This costs money for the people living there and hurts the environment. You can hire someone to put in insulated siding, new windows that don’t let air in or out, and new insulation in your home.

3. Enhanced Functionality

If you make the outside of your property look nicer, people will be interested in buying it. Adding decks, patios, or new entryways can make it look nicer.

4. Increased Property Value

If you renovate the outside of your property, it will look nicer and be worth more money. This is good for people who want to sell their property soon or for landlords who wish to find better tenants.

5. Protection Against The Elements

Your house needs to be protected from the weather. You can do this by changing the roof or adding things to the outside of your home.

6. Increased Safety

If you renovate the outside of your property, it can make it safer. You can do this by adding new lights or a security system. Or you can make it easier for people with disabilities to get around.

three people renovating a property
Hire A Team For Professional Renovation

7. Environmentally Friendly

A professional can help you fix your house so it does not get damaged in bad weather. This includes the roof, siding, and how water flows around the house.

8. Customization

You can hire someone to help you change the outside of your house so it looks the way you want it to look. You can also ask for specific features or functionality to be added.

Hiring a remodel contractor can help your home in many ways. Some benefits are that it can make your home look nicer, use less energy, and be worth more money. If you want people to pay more rent, make your property look nicer on the outside.

How Can Exterior Professional Renovation Improve A Home's Value?

It is essential to renovate the outside of your home. This is because people see the outside of your home first. If it looks good, people will think the whole house is good. Here are some ways exterior renovations can help:

Updating The Siding

One way to make your house look better and be worth more money is to update the siding. Siding protects your home from the outside, and it also makes your house look nicer. If your siding is old or damaged, it can make your house look bad. But if you have new siding, it will look clean and modern.

Updating the siding can help a home use less energy. This saves money on energy bills. There are different types of siding, like vinyl, wood, and fiber cement. Each class has good and bad things about it. Choose the kind of siding that works best for your climate and budget.

Replacing The Roof

It is also important to renovate the outside of your home by replacing the roof. If you do not fix a broken or old roof, it can cause problems with the structure of your home. It is also less pretty to look at. But if you replace it, it will look nicer and be worth more money.

Some roofs are made from asphalt shingles, metal, or tiles. Each one has good and bad parts. You should consider the weather and how much it costs when you choose what kind to use.

Adding Or Updating Exterior Lighting

It is important to have good lighting on the outside of your home. This makes your home look more social, and it is also safer. You can choose different kinds of lights for outside your house. Some examples are pathway lights, porch lights, and landscape lights. Think about what would look best and be helpful when picking the lights.

Landscaping And Curb Appeal

Landscaping is another way to make your home look better. It can make people want to come in and make your home look more valuable. There are different types of landscaping, like flower gardens and water features. Picking the proper landscaping is essential. You should choose something you can afford that will look good in your house.

Adding A Deck Or Patio

Adding a deck or patio makes your home look better and worth more. A deck or patio can allow you to host parties or relax. There are different kinds of decks and patios, like wood, composite, and concrete.

It is important to renovate or improve the outside of your home. This includes replacing the roof, siding, lights, and landscaping. Before starting a project, consider cost and weather resistance. It is also essential to find a contractor who knows what they are doing and can do a good job.

three men working on a property with a large crane
Choosing A Professional Renovator

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Professional Renovator

Choosing a professional to help make the outside of your home look nicer is important. They will know how to do a good job. You should ask around and see what other people think about different companies. Look at various websites and read reviews. And then decide which company you want to use.

  • Experience

Getting a professional renovation can be achieved by choosing a professional exterior renovator with a lot of experience. Look for someone who has been successful with other projects and knows a lot about this type of work. Choose someone who has done this before and can show you examples of their work.

  • Reputation

You want builders renovators who are good at their jobs. Ask other people who had used the renovator if they were happy with the work. Be careful to choose someone who will give you references to people they’ve worked for.

  • Certifications And Licenses

Find out if the company you hire outside your house is licensed to work in your state. This will ensure they know what they’re doing and will do a good job.

  • Insurance

When looking for a professional exterior remodeler, consider whether they have insurance. You should hire a fully insured renovator who can show you proof of insurance if you ask. This will keep you safe from accidents or damage while remodeling.

  • Cost

You want to hire someone who will do an excellent job on the outside. You don’t want someone who will charge an unfair price or be dishonest about it. So you have to ask for quotes from more than one person before you hire anyone.

  • Communication And Customer Service

It is important to pick someone to remodel your kitchen which you can talk to easily. That way, they will understand what you want, and the kitchen will get fixed quickly.

When choosing a company to do your exterior renovation, it is important to pick a good one. You should make sure that you can contact them quickly and that they have a lot of experience. You should also check to see if they are licensed and have insurance.

Why Choose Us?

Messina Builders is proud of the homes it builds and the excellent service it gives. We aim to give you and your family a home that will last for generations. We’ve been building homes in the Chicago area for over 50 years. Our company has had builders for three generations. We know a lot about building custom homes and have done it a lot. If you work for us, you become a member of our family. We’re proud to know that we helped make a place where you and your family can make memories.

If you want to improve your home, Messina Builders can help. We can do things like paint or add new parts to your home. Not only will it look better, but it will also be worth more money. So call us today at (630) 894-5512 for a free quote!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simple ways to improve the character and curb appeal of your home include replacing doors and hardware and painting the exterior.


Remodeling can increase a home’s return on investment (ROI). The highest ROIs are typically generated by wood decks, window replacement, and kitchen and bathroom upgrades. To recoup construction costs, remodeling projects must generally correct a design or structural flaw.


  • Create a project budget
  • Recruit Contractors
  • Create a Timeline
  • Pack your belongings and prepare for your home renovation. 
  • Ask your contractor a lot of questions. 
  • When renovating, prepare for problems by completing structural projects first. 


  • Change the exterior finishes: cladding, render, and paint. 
  • Replace your roof
  • Replace your windows
  • Upgrade your front door 
  • Add an extension
  • Build a porch
  • Convert a garage into a living space. 


  • Simple roof design – minimize building steps. 
  • Use color and texture instead of extra elements. 
  • Reduce the visibility of front-loaded garages. 
  • Avoid using double-height entrances. 
  • Use windows that are vertically proportioned.


  • Dentil Molding
  • Build a Charming Walkway
  • Make an Entrance With Lighting
  • Use Whimsical Trim
  • Install Rustic Wooden Brackets


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